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  • Made with the intention of crafting the world’s finest earphones, q-JAYS is built to deliver the most authentic and detailed sound experience possible. Its perfect timbre and high-resolution details were made possible by integrating advanced audio engineering with various state-of-the-art development techniques such as Metal Injection Molding, CNC and laser cutting. This is q-JAYS, our finest and most precise achievement till date.
  • Engineered like a set of reference loudspeaker monitors, q-JAYS feature dual speakers built into each side, one for low frequencies and one for midrange and highs. Each speaker renders its dedicated frequency spectrums relaxed and naturally reproducing perfectly accurate tones. Thanks to its custom drivers and a low crossover filter, you will enjoy a seamless frequency response without irregularities often found in many larger multiple driver systems.
  • q-JAYS are the world’s smallest earphones made with exchangeable cables. Despite its small form factor, we have managed to implement reliable, custom-made threaded connectors in each housing. With options for dedicated cable modules for Audio Only, iOS, Windows or Android, choose the solution that best fits your needs and get to enjoy a pair of earphones that last longer.
  • Bigger isn’t always better. q-JAYS housing is designed to be remarkably small and sturdy. The durable and precisely manufactured fine-tolerance stainless steel housing brings out every last detail of the drivers with absolute accuracy. A matt proprietary scratch-resistant anti-fingerprint coating gives the q-JAYS their charcoal black look.
  • Built to last and engineered for precision, q-JAYS curved solid one-piece housing is made by metal injection molding stainless steel. This, along with CNC machining and laser-cutting allowed us to create one of the most precise and finely toleranced earphones ever made, while keeping it impressively small.
  • JAYS custom dual balanced armatures are one of the world’s most precise, advanced and smallest two-driver system for authentic audio reproduction. A brand new crossover filter seamlessly blends the output of the dedicated woofer driver with the midrange/tweeter driver, free from time and phase shifts, resulting in a well-balanced sound with incredible clarity, high-transient speed and timing.
  • Tailor-made acoustic filters Positioned inside the sound tube and in front of the balanced armatures as a part of the acoustic system, q-JAYS tailor-made acoustic filter washes off any sharp sibilance, leaving clean and smooth highs with stunning details.
  • You’ll be amazed by the incredible clarity and resolution of q-JAYS sound. With stunningly rich details, perfect timbre and astonishing balance, q-JAYS render one of the most precise and authentic sound reproductions with minimal coloration. Get ready to rediscover and experience your favorite music all over again from a new frame of reference.
  • q-JAYS feature threaded, removable and easy to clean filters machined from solid aluminum with 55 precise laser-cut holes within a two millimeter diameter area. These protective filters are extremely strong due to its honeycomb-like structure, efficient at dirt protection, while ensuring fully transparent acoustic properties.
  • As part of the acoustic system, the q-JAYS stainless steel housing features a precisely tuned vent port which completely opens up the lows below 200 Hz, providing the dedicated woofer with enough air volume for optimal performance. The result is a tight, rapid and deep bass response without affecting any of the other frequencies.
  • q-JAYS Custom SSMCX connectors are among the smallest in the world. Machined with durable threading and gold-plating, these micro-sized connectors made it possible for us to create exchangeable cable modules that increase both q-JAYS lifespan and flexibility of use. Furthermore, the threaded interface creates a durable, glitch-free fit with infinite conductivity.
  • Depending on your preference, you can use your q-JAYS in two ways: with the cable going straight down, or with the cable positioned behind your ear, which also helps prevent microphonics. The exchangeable cables ensure that you get the correct stereo imaging even after switching the earphones.
  • q-JAYS have a wide range of cable module options available, including remote and mic solutions for iOS, Windows and Android devices. All come with full-feature three-button remote using the latest MEMS microphone technology that allows you to experience amazing, crystal-clear speech quality with built-in echo cancellation and noise reduction.
  • The brand new cable formula includes high-purity copper, Kevlar reinforced isolation and soft flexible TPE coating for excellent audio performance and high durability.
  • The newly engineered L-plug raises the bar even further in terms of performance. We're proud to say it has passed our toughest reliability tests to date.
  • q-JAYS come with a range of useful accessories. Choose from 5 sizes of silicone ear tips or the Comply™ Foam Ear Tips. These ear tips effectively isolate noise by using your ear canal as a sealed acoustic bass chamber. When not in use, JAYS protective case offers your q-JAYS protection from scratches, dust, and moisture. Finally, q-jays also come including one cable module of your choice: Audio only, iOS, Windows or Android.
  • Driver type: Custom dual balanced armature
  • Sensitivity: 103dB
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Frequency response: 5 – 20000 Hz
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Finish: matte
  • Isolation: -40dB
  • Cord: Exchangable Kevlar Cable 120cm
  • Plug: Gold Plated L-shaped
  • Accessories: Carrying case, cable clip, extension cord, silicone eartips, Comply Foam ear tips
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