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Popis k výrobku: a-JAYS Four+ ANDROID W/G
  • Our team of engineers worked hard to build a remarkable custom driver optimized to handle all music genres. Developed for both depth and balance, the award-winning JAYS custom driver delivers a deep bass along with warm, natural-sounding vocals for a powerful music experience.
  • Great experiences inspire. We want to inspire you by delivering more value and benefits. a-JAYS Four+ comes with full-feature three-button remote for iOS, Windows or Android and in matching metals for a perfect, tangle-free match with your phone style.
  • Experience amazing, crystal-clear speech quality with built-in echo cancellation and noise reduction. Powered by MEMS technology, a-JAYS Four+ is designed with a top-of-the-line microphone sporting an acoustic sensor, a low-noise input buffer, and an output amplifier. Unlike most microphones, which degrade over time, we use mic-magnets that recharge each time your earphones are plugged in, ensuring high-performance audio for a long time to come.
  • We know how frustrating and annoying tangled cables can be, because we have experienced it countless times ourselves. That is why we developed tangle-free flat cables in the first place, and we have continued to improve the design over the years. a-JAYS Four+ come with our latest cable update which have passed our toughest reliability tests for your guaranteed pleasure and comfort.
  • Enjoy a rich and fulfilling music experience even in noisy environments, without straining your ears or turning up the volume, thanks to our noise-isolating silicone sleeves. These comfortable silicone sleeves are designed to effectively seal in sound and block out ambient noise, which means that you enjoy better and clearer sound at the same volume.
  • The remote and mic are supported by Android phones released 2012 and later supporting 3-button remotes. Functionality may vary between models
  • a-JAYS Four+ comes with 5 sizes of silicone ear tips. Choose the pair that fits you the most naturally. These soft, washable silicone sleeves were made to rest comfortably in your ear canals for long periods of use.
  • Remote Type:Microphone:Operating system:3 btn remoteMEMSiOS, Windows or Android
  • Driver Type:Sensitivity:Impedance:Frequency response:8.6 mm dynamic speaker98 dB @ 1kHz16 Ohm @ 1kHz20 Hz - 21 000 Hz
  • Earphones Finish:Isolation:MatteJAYS sound isolating sleeves
  • Cord Type:Length:Plug:TPE coated flat tangle free cable115 cm (45 in)L-shaped, silver-plated 3.5mm (1/8 in) Stereo Plug
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